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Going through a divorce can be both an emotional and financial nightmare. Not only do you have to deal with such issues as child custody, child support and property division, you may also be facing having to pay spousal support. But spousal support is not limited to a divorce proceeding. In fact, spousal support can continue to affect your pocketbook even well after the divorce is granted as modifications and changes of circumstances continue to drag the issue back to court. And chances are, due to the complexities of the law, you don’t even know what you are paying for.

As a Michigan Spousal Support Lawyer who has argued numerous spousal support cases – both for and against - our attorneys understand the issues and elements involved. From what income should be counted to how earning potential is determined and time frames are set – perhaps more than any other area of family law, spousal support requires a particular specialization. In order to ensure all of your interests and rights are fully protected, you need the experience of a Michigan Spousal Support Attorney.

Attorney Jannelle J. Zawaideh is a Michigan Spousal Support Lawyer dedicated to providing you the best in legal services with the personal, one-on-one commitment only found in a small law firm like The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh. To start a conversation about your spousal support rights, call our offices at 248-356-0600 and schedule a Free Phone Consultation with one of our Michigan Spousal Support Attorneys.

What is Spousal Support?

Spousal support – formerly referred to as alimony – is the legal term used for describing the money one spouse is ordered to pay the other so that spouse can maintain a similar lifestyle to the one they have become accustomed to during the marriage.

The reasoning behind spousal support is that sometimes, after the termination of a marriage, there is a concern about the financial stability of one of the parties. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one spouse made substantially more money than the other, or one spouse stayed home to raise the family while the other worked to support the family financially.

According to the law, spousal support is not guaranteed. Sometimes it is part of a mutually accepted agreement between the parties. However, if no agreement is reached and one party makes a request for spousal support, the judge will make a decision as to whether or not spousal support is necessary and, if so, how much and for how long.

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How is Spousal Support Calculated?

A court will consider numerous factors when making a determination as to spousal support. The main elements that are taken into consideration include:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and health of the parties
  • Contribution to the marriage
  • Past relations and conduct of the parties
  • Ability of each party to work and their respective incomes
  • Ability of each party to pay spousal support
  • Need for support
  • Source and allocation of martial assets in property division
  • Martial standard of living
  • Present situation of the parties
  • Prior standard of living of the parties
  • Whether either is responsible for the support of others
  • Educational level of the person claiming spousal support


(Michigan Code 552.101)

How Long Does Spousal Support Last?

Although a court may order spousal support to last indefinitely, often times it will be set for a specified period of time – usually measured as enough time for the receiving party to become financially independent. However, unless stipulated by the parties, this decision is left to the discretion of the court. Usually, when set for a specified period of time, the spousal support order will come up for review and may either be terminated or extended. When such events as death or remarriage occur, spousal support will often be terminated.

Jannelle J. Zawaideh – Your Michigan Spousal Support Attorney

Without a Michigan Spousal Support Lawyer, you may be paying too much spousal support for too long of time. There are too many factors, issues and steps for you to simply “go it alone”. As proving the various elements of spousal support is an intensely evidence-based procedure, it is essential that you have a Michigan Spousal Support Attorney experienced not only in spousal support issues, but also with trial procedure and the rules of evidence.

The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh specialize as Michigan Spousal Support Lawyers. They provide a highly personalized and attentive approach to the law only found at a small law office. With Jannelle J. Zawaideh as your Michigan Spousal Support Attorney, all factors will be fully investigated and thoroughly argued – ensuring your legal rights and interests are fully represented.

Call us today and schedule your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. The first step in understanding how spousal support may affect you is to have your situation professionally analyzed by a Michigan Spousal Support Attorney. The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh offer reasonable fees and payment plans and all major credit cards are accepted.


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