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Going through a divorce is an emotional and often frustrating event. Although a “civil” divorce where the parties are able to “work it out” sounds ideal – in reality such an event is rare. More often than not, even the most basic divorce will unravel into contentious issues requiring legal resolution.

As a Michigan Divorce Lawyer who has worked through numerous divorce cases, our attorneys understand the challenges and questions you have. From the divorce itself to such complex issues as child custody, visitation and support, property allocation and alimony – a divorce is anything but straight forward. In order to ensure all of your interests and rights are fully protected, you need the experience of a Michigan Divorce Attorney.

Attorney Jannelle J. Zawaideh is a Michigan Divorce Lawyer dedicated to providing you the best legal services with the personal, one-on-one commitment found only in a small law firm like The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh. To start a conversation about your divorce, call our offices at 248-356-0600 and schedule a Free Phone Consultation with one of our Michigan Divorce Attorneys.

Starting the Divorce Process in Michigan

The first step in filing a divorce is to call a Michigan Divorce Lawyer to discuss your case in confidence. More often than not, the things you do – or fail to do – at the beginning of the process will have a detrimental affect on the outcome of your case. For this reason, it is essential you talk to an experienced Michigan Divorce Attorney.

Once you have a Michigan Divorce Lawyer, you will meet to discuss every detail of your case. When you first go to meet with your Michigan Divorce Attorney, it is essential you bring all documentation and information that may be relevant to your divorce. At the very least, this means bringing lists of marital assets and debts, tax returns, wills or trusts and employment and bank account statements.

The divorce process commences with the filing of the petition for divorce, known as the Complaint. The filing fee for a divorce is $150.00. An additional $80.00 is due if children are involved. According to Michigan law, a divorce may not be granted before the passing of a mandatory waiting period of at least 60 days – starting from the date of filing. If children are involved, the mandatory waiting period is 180 days.

Once the Complaint is filed, the other party (known as the Defendant) must be given notice of the filed Complaint. This is called service of process and can be accomplished by either personal delivery or certified mail.

The Defendant has 21 days if you were personally served and 28 days to respond to the Complaint, if you were served by certified mail. The Defendant’s response to a Michigan divorce is known as an Answer. Filing an Answer is an important step in the divorce process. If you have been served with a Notice of Divorce, you should contact your Michigan Divorce Attorney to discuss filing a proper Answer. Your Michigan Divorce Lawyer will be able to draft an Answer that fully protects all your legal rights. Failing to properly respond to each individual item of the Complaint and raise issues of your own could jeopardize your legal rights.

Once the Defendant files his or her Answer, the Michigan divorce case moves into the resolution phase of the process. Resolution can occur either by reaching a settlement through mediation or by Court order following a trial. Regardless of how your divorce is resolved, your Michigan Divorce Attorney will make sure the outcome is fair and in your best interest.

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Why Hire A Michigan Divorce Attorney

Without a Michigan Divorce Lawyer, your rights and interests will be compromised. There are too many factors, issues and steps for you to simply “go it alone”. Regardless of how well you and your former spouse get along and how “clean” you think the divorce will be – things change. And when they do, you need to be prepared.

The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh specialize as Michigan Divorce Lawyers. They provide a highly personalized and attentive approach to the law that can only be found at a small law office. With Jannelle J. Zawaideh as your Michigan Divorce Attorney, all the issues involved in your unique divorce case will get the individual attention they deserve – ensuring your legal rights and interests are fully represented.

Call us today and schedule your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. The first step is to get informed and have your divorce case professionally analyzed by a Michigan Divorce Attorney. The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh offer reasonable fees and payment plans and all major credit cards are accepted. In some uncontested divorces, a flat fee can be arranged.

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